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how people miss the racial commentary of this song is still so astounding to me. it’s so clearly a fuck white beauty standards song.

most white people so drunk off whiteness, they don’t even get it.

who knew though…… by 2014, white people would “discover” twerking and  convince themselves that jennifer lopez and other white bitches made booty a good thing to have. lol.

they still can’t admit that black women are beautiful. they will just keep magic wand selecting all of our features as beautiful, but not beautiful on us.

I keep explaining this to white folks.

"One plus one equals compromise, spending nights on the phone until the sunrise, and finding paradise in a pair of eyes. And to be without I’d feel paralyzed, just the thought of it alone terrifies. It’s the compilation of moments, some bronze, silver, and some golden. Some other hues like red and blue because it’s cool to make mistakes as long as we learn to own it. Because what’s life without complications, but it’s not a call for resignation. One plus one equals growth, if you were sinking now you float. We each have roles to uphold, and even diamonds are made from coal. So while some of us are broken, the sum of us is whole."

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hip-hop dance crazes (2004-2013)

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lets go hard dont hold it in


All women

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Happy Ending Bday Weekend to my 💜Such a great ending to my Baby’s Bday Weekend 😍💕🙈😘
Every Single Minute Spent Together was Amazing my Bestfriend, Other Half, Pain in the Butt wouldn’t take anything back 💋✨💫


Everything Love


Everything Love

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More pictures here


More pictures here